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QCA PRINCIPLE 1 - Business Model and Strategy



Key challenges

Our vision is to be the leader in sustainable products enabled or enhanced by our novel Sustaine encapsulation and delivery technology in crop protection, animal health and consumer products.


Key challenges:

We will address these by:

Stable financial base and revenue growth

  • Continuing to evolve our business model to focus primarily on product sales

  • Signing further agreements with industry partners to commercialise products

  • Ensuring a well-funded balance sheet

Product development

Growing a diverse product development pipeline

  • Further development of the encapsulation technology for new application

  • Investing in patents for new market opportunities

  • Building our internal technical resources in terms of capability and capacity

Geographic expansion

Targeting new geographies where there is a demand for sustainable solutions

  • Extending registrations for product authorisation into new territories

  • Investing in patent protection for our intellectual property in new territories

  • Identifying suitable industrial partners with access to new geographies and customers