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Sustaine® microcapsules are naturally sourced, plastic-free, biodegradable micro-spheres derived from yeast extract. They produce stabilised aqueous emulsions which, are easy to mix and apply, have phased release patterns, are safer for the environment and have reduced phytotoxicity.



Eden Research plc develops and supplies breakthrough biopesticide and natural microencapsulation technologies.

Our customers are global and regional industry leaders who wish to add value to their products by:

  • Producing more effective treatments
  • Improving consumer appeal
  • Improving safety and efficacy
  • Extending the shelf life of existing patents
  • Surmounting regulatory hurdles
  • Improving resistance management

There is significant scope for further exploitation of the Company’s core technologies beyond biopesticides and crop protection. 


Demand for a Solution to Microplastic Pollution:

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has proposed an EU-wide restriction on the placing on the market or use of “intentionally-added” microplastic particles. The proposed restriction includes the use of microplastics for agricultural and horticultural purposes, including polymers utilized for controlled-release fertilizers, encapsulated plant protection products (PPPs), seed coatings, and biocides.

By 2025 in the EU, pesticides containing synthetic polymer microplastics are likely to be banned and removed from the market. The only acceptable alternative is the substitution with biodegradable formulations. Reformulated products will need to be evaluated and registered within the five-year transition period.

Sustaine  is one of the only viable, proven and immediately registerable solutions to the microplastics problem in formulations requiring encapsulation.


Sustaine is a novel encapsulation solution patented by Eden and suitable for applications in a wide range of agricultural, animal health and consumer products.



When dry, the outer shell forms a carbohydrate glass which locks in the active ingredients. Upon hydration the particles are activated, providing a sustained release of the encapsulated material via pores. These pores will close again if the capsules experience osmotic stress and re-open upon the next hydration event for further release of active ingredient.



Sustaine technology:

  • High capacity and can be loaded with up to 200% w/w active ingredient
  • Robust and sustainable.
  • Provides stability to formulations.
  • Solvent free.
  • Well suited to active substances which are hydrophobic and normally need to be formulated in oils.
  • Can be created as an aqueous liquid, powder or granules.

Sustaine is extremely flexible and can be used to co-deliver mixtures of active substances, including mixtures of natural and conventional ingredients and co-formulants. This can include normally incompatible substances and deliver these in a safer water-based emulsion.



Although a new and innovative technology, Sustaine has already been successfully commercialised in two agrochemical products:

Mevalone® a Sustaine encapsulated mixture of 3 bioactive terpenes (Geraniol, Thymol and Eugenol) and applied as a preventative and curative control for Botrytis cinerea.

Cedroz a Sustaine encapsulated mixture of 2 bioactive terpenes (Geraniol and Thymol) and applied as a nematicide against Root Knot Nematodes.