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In 2020 the global animal health market value is estimated to exceed $33 billion.

Terpenes are well-known as effective treatments for a range of pathogens that affect animal health.

Organisms associated with skin conditions and ear infections can be effectively treated by one or more terpenes. However, upon encapsulation, these same terpenes are generally more effective due to their increased bioavailability and persistence, which is achieved through sustained release.

Eden’s partner for animal health applications in North America, Bayer Animal Health, continues to make steady progress with the four products that it is commercialising: a shampoo, a conditioner, a spray and an oticetic flush.

A significant amount of work, including in vitro and in vivo studies, has been undertaken and Eden remains confident that the products, once commercialised, will command a strong market share in the large North American market for companion animal health products.




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