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High demand for sustainable products that can compete with conventional products on ease-of-use, efficacy, safety, cost and reliability.

  • Ongoing pressure on the conventional pesticides market, which is subject to increased scrutiny and regulatory pressures contributing to significant disruption.

  • Increasing time and cost of bringing new conventional chemical products to market: 10-12 years and around $300 million.

  • Significantly lower costs of bringing biopesticides to market – around $25million.

  • Major product withdrawals across all segments of the conventional crop protection industry are having a significant impact on growers leaving them with lower yields and declining productivity.


Sustaine® encapsulation technology is free from plastics/polymers and facilitates phased release over multiple hydration events.

  • Ownership of the patents behind the Sustaine encapsulation technology.

  • Proven efficacy with strong commercial validation by farmers and our partners.

  • Scope to exploit the core technologies beyond existing markets and products.

  • Eden’s products serve as sustainable alternatives to conventional chemicals without limitations such as residue limits, pest resistance, long pre-harvest intervals and field re-entry periods or increasing restrictions on use such as the proposed microplastics legislation.

  • Residue-free crops command a higher value and have a significant commercial advantage in the valuable export markets.


Product sales continue to progress well with expansion into new markets.

  • Solid commercial pipeline.

  • Regulatory clearance for product sales across multiple countries with applications pending in a number of countries.

  • Commercial and collaborative relationships with strong industry partners.

  • Significant investment in commercialisation by key partners.

  • Applications on key crops increasing with further approvals and label extensions.

  • Sales on four continents today – expected to expand to six in the coming years.


Building on a core team with significant industrial experience.

  • Strong Board and management team.

  • Lykele van der Broek appointed as Non-Executive Director and Chairman – former Board member and COO of Bayer CropScience.

  • Wealth of experience in the agriculture, consumer products and animal health sectors globally.

  • In-house expertise in formulation chemistry and biology.

  • Outsourcing of some functions to maintain a flexible, low overheard base.


Continuous development of sales territories and distributor relationships.

  • Increased product sales volume.

  • Significant investment by key partners.

  • Robust balance sheet.




(2020: £1.4m)

Upfront and
milestone payments


(2020: £0.3m)

EBITDA loss*


(2020: £1.5m)

Product Sales


(2020: £1.1m)


* before non-cash share based payment charge, depreciation and amortisation



invested in IP
and registration globally


countries have granted product authorisation

continents with ongoing product trials