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QCA PRINCIPLE 9 - Governance Structure


Board roles and responsibilities

The directors of Eden hold the following roles and responsibilities:




A Abrey

Chief Financial Officer

Alex is responsible for supporting the Chief Executive in devising and implementing the strategy and managing the Group’s financial and operational performance.

A Abrey

Company Secretary

In his role as Company Secretary, Alex is responsible for the efficient administration of Eden, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory  and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the Board of Directors are implemented.

R Cridland

Non-Executive Director

Rob’s role is to constructively challenge and provide oversight and assistance in the progression of our execution of strategy, management of the Company and management of our governance structures, within the risk and control framework set by the Board.  

S Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Sean is responsible for devising and implementing our strategy and managing our day-to-day operations.

He is accountable to the Board for the  Company’s development, in line with its strategy, and taking into account the risks, objectives and policies set out by the Board and its Committees.

Sean is also responsible for engagement with shareholders or other stakeholder groups. 

L van der Broek

Non-Executive Chairman

Lykele’s primary responsibility is to lead the Board and ensure it operates effectively.

He achieves this in part through promoting an open culture, which  gives people the courage to challenge the status quo, and holding meetings with the NED without the Executives present.


Roles of the Committees

AIM Compliance Committee
Responsible for ensuring that the Company has in place sufficient procedures, resources and controls to enable its compliance with the AIM Rules for Companies and the AIM Rules for Nominated Advisers.

Audit Committee
Ensures the integrity of our financial reporting, evaluates our risk management and internal control system, and oversees the internal and external auditor.

Nominations Committee
Reviews the Board’s structure, size and composition and proposes candidates for appointment to the Board. 

Remuneration Committee
Determines remuneration for our Executive Directors, to support our growth strategy and deliver value for stakeholders.